YOOOO I’m back up on it with my comic making bullshit.

I have two things to apologize for. First the random and completely unplanned hiatus. I did a post explaining what was going on a few weeks ago. I didn’t want that to happen, and I can’t promise it won’t again. But I’m making progress and am adjusting my habits and routines to re-allow working on the comic into my life.

Secondly, I must apologize for the abrupt change from the story arc we were right smack in the middle of. After the Comic Con Badge Sale story arc is completed, this comic will be moved to after, so as to make it less random for those reading through, or anyone who reads it a second time.

I just really wanted to talk some shit on Sonic the Hedgehog’s movie trailer. From the creepy af character design to Jim Carrey returning from his anti-vaxxer loving exile to be Dr. Eggman, I just don’t even know how this thing was allowed to happen. But I think that about most video game movie adaptations.

(Except for Detective Pikachu which I need to try to go see soon.)

And then them going back to the drawing board to redesign Sonic was also surprising. Animation is expensive. Is this going to be like Solo where going back and redoing things shoots themselves in the foot by going crazy over budget and not making enough money in the box office to justify it?

Are their animators going to die trying to fix this thing? Will they be properly paid for the trouble?

Guess we’ll see. I wasn’t going to see the movie either way lol