OMG. I started this story arc around New Years. I meant it to only take a month, two tops. And it took half a freaking year. I hate it how long it took, but I’m proud that it’s completed. A lot of shitty things happened during the time it took to complete this story arc, and for it to be completed is almost like an accomplishment, in that I made it through all the shitty stuff. And I can make it through all the shitty stuff that inevitably lies ahead.

I had originally written this story arc because I thought it would be short and sweet. I plan to eventually do a full adventure where everyone actually goes to Comic-Con and shenanigans ensue. As it may be some time before we get to that point, I thought we could at least begin that story where any con goer’s journey begins: buying the badges. Now for any small con, that’s no problem. But the con I have in mind for these characters is more on the scale of San Diego or New York Comic Con.

I liked the idea of the characters all communicating over Wastebook. Whenever I help my friends get badges for Comic Con, we always have a dedicated Facebook chat going to coordinate it. Luckily, we aren’t ever attacked by any robot T-Rexes.

Speaking of which, this was also meant to be a sequel to THIS STORY ARC. I love doing large scale fights between Tony and his primordial nemesis (even though they are the most taxing on time due to the art demand) and the original inspiration for the first Skirmish story arc was actually the chicken fights from Family Guy. Some of the feedback I had gotten after the first one was that it was a little too much action and not enough story or humor. So in this follow up, I tried making the fight revolve around an actual event going on, and the fight is directly influencing and hindering the character’s goals.

Also this whole thing was kind of unique in that it was the first time the characters around Tony were acknowledging the destruction being left by Battle T-Rex, even if they never actually see the fight taking place. Normally they are entirely oblivious, even to the ruins left in their wake.

As for why the NeverEnding Story gag at the ending? Eh, I just finished Stranger Things 3.


I have a comic planned for the 8 year anniversary, and a possible Star Wars thingy to build up to Episode 9. Beyond that, I am going to try to shift focus to the website again. Here’s hoping for a soft launch by Christmas lol (I said that this time last year hahahahahahahh sorry I suck)