So, I kinda fell off the map for a bit :/

Basically, shortly after my last update, a series of shitty things happened to me. The specifics aren’t fun to share, the one I’m most open to talking about is someone attempted to steal my truck. They failed, but did over a grand in damage to it in the process.

Anyways. Because of that and a bunch of other things, I’ve fallen into a depression and have been there for almost a month now. Wonder Con was a nice reprieve, where this cool pic of me in my Chief armor with an actual Elite cosplay was taken. Since then I’ve been trying to get back on top of things but keep failing and keep falling deeper and deeper into this pit.

I just wanted to let anyone checking in know that I am okay, I mean, relatively okay. And I am constantly thinking about this comic. I have not nor will I abandon this passion. And I just want to be open with any of my fans about where I’m at and why things are so slow.

Sorry again. I’m trying my best, and I hope that it’ll be enough to get back on track.