I apologize for the visuals experienced in this comic.

So that concludes the Cell Phone story arc. The original ending was going to have Bryan experience getting woken up several times and then destroying the cell phone himself, leading to Austin blinking a few times and then realizing that he’s freed. He would then claim that he will not take his returned free will for granted and will live life to the fullest, followed by a panel of him and Bryan silently wondering what to do next, ending with them just playing Halo in a dark room for several hours. Just thought I’d share where I was going with the arc prior to 343’s announcement that Spartan Assault would be available on consoles.

But enough of that. The PS4 is out today! After several long months and a shit ton of ridiculous shots and blows from both sides, we’re finally going to actually be able to see what the next gen culminates into. The next few weeks of comics will be one-offs about the next gen releases. After that, I will be continuing to do the standalones for a few months, I’m thinking maybe until February. I really meant to do that after the Bacon Taco arc, since that was a pretty long story arc. Like explained before, the Cell Phone arc was due to a premonition that if I had waited any longer it wouldn’t be relevant. Now that it’s done, I can return to comics about Bryan arguing with Leslie and her friend in his chemistry class, Austin taking forever to order at McTuckey Fried Tacos or unintentionally harming Tori in the most brutal ways, and of course Tony and Battle T-Rex having at it probably in the backdrop of Austin and Bryan having a nerdy conversation. I’m very pleased with these plans.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Og4LaB1Zc