What is even going on here?

Okay so nerd rant. Mockingjay, the last installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, is going to be split into two movies. Now this trend has been going on with book adaptations. Harry Potter’s last book was split into two. Twilight did the same. The Hobbit was split into three parts. While I can’t attest for the Twilight saga’s finale, I do know that splitting Harry Potter’s finale into two worked because having only one movie would have meant leaving out a lot of things from the novel, which I can recall was a pretty big issue throughout that saga’s run among the fans. Having two movies allowed the build up to the conclusion to be much smoother and enjoyable, even if it meant part 1 was pretty much just Camping: The Movie.

Splitting the Hobbit into three movies seemed like a risk but here’s why that worked, at least in my opinion:
1. The book only covered one of two major stories going on at that exact time, so covering Gandalf’s investigation into the Necromancer and then tying it into Bilbo’s tale helps expand the story.
2. There were lots of very under-developed characters in the book such as Bard who is known for a heroic act (which I won’t spoil) but isn’t even mentioned until about a paragraph before said heroic act. Giving important characters more time to be developed worked out.
3. The Battle of Five Armies was really kinda just summarized in the last four chapters rather than taking a major chunk of the story. You can do just about anything with that so long as the battle ends the way it ended in the book canon.
4. Peter Jackson is a total Tolkien fanboy on top of being a creative genius.

The point I’m getting at with these two examples is that there is plenty of content within the source material that allowed additional “parts” to work for their movies. So bringing this nerd rant back to Mockingjay, here’s why it’s a god awful idea. The books are short. Very sweet, but short. I’m only in the middle of Catching Fire right now, but I can tell as I read these, having seen the movies, that they really are just covering the story almost word for word. Only minor things have been changed, but nothing gets left out. They are spot on interpretations, but even covering EVERYTHING the books have to offer the movie as a source material, they are still adding content to bring the movies up to their appropriate length.

That means that almost an entire movie’s worth of made up material will go into this two part finale. That’s a little ridiculous. I find much enjoyment in a modest trilogy, but I guess it mattered more to them to milk it. I’ve said before that I don’t mind things getting milked so long as the content is great. But that’s my point exactly. I don’t want to see a good story get watered down just so it can last longer.

But whatever. I am only paying for one movie. I’m just gonna borrow the first part from a friend and watch the DVD the day before I go see the finale in theaters. [FRONK] the police.

Nerd rant over!