Sorry for getting this up a bit later than normal. I’m in the process of a huge move right now and much of this week was spent packing, driving, apartment hunting and starting a new job. I almost gave up on the week and decided to just not post anything but then I was like “nah” and put together this single panel page focused more so on the main cast (minus Tony who is hard at work scienceing and shit) doing battle around Thunder Moo. Also includes John who didn’t get his super identity introduced a few pages earlier.

The good news is that I foresee more time in my future to put towards the comic. The goal is to at least get back to the Monday Wednesday Friday schedule.

Until then, we focus on the Thunder Moo story arc which is very much on its last few pages. I have an idea for my next story arc already set, so I may start focusing on finalizing the script for it (which is like 80% written already).

And while I’m updating on stuff I’m working on related to the comic, the new site is coded up and finished as far as necessary features go. Just adding a few little fun things into it. Once I’m satisfied there, I move onto the final step which is graphics creation.

My current goal is to have the new site launched before the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story. So mark that date on the calendar (not like anything else worth looking forward to is happening that day LOL) and hold me to it and call me the meanest Kindergarten-safe bad word you can think up if I don’t.

I apologize for the Solo joke, I honestly think it may be a fun little movie.