So the six year comic-versary kinda snuck up on me. Between fixing up the older comics and running the Thunder Moo story arc, I’ve been fairly busy and lost track of the time haha I thought it’d be fun to do something with Halo Wars 2 instead of the FPS games like normal.

As far as the next Thunder Moo comic goes, the next page is almost finished and will be uploading on time, so no worries there.

Since this is an anniversary day, I will share what I had in mind for this year. There’s three story arcs I absolutely intend to have published before the seven year anniversary. This is the goal I am setting, please hold me to it lol. One of those story arcs is another arc that I’ve had in mind since before the comic started, which makes me extra excited. Hopefully I can publish other story arcs, but no less than these three that I have in mind.

As well, I have one more comic (a spin-off of Austin’s Inferno in a way) that I want to publish. This will release alongside the new website design, which I hope to debut along with all the fixed up older comics hopefully in January.

Here’s to biting off more than I can chew!! Thanks for following and I hope the next year of comics doesn’t disappoint you. You guys are the reason I put all the time I can into this web-comic and every thing I do is to make you happy!