UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that with the switch to a new host, my RSS feed has been messed up. I’m looking into fixing it ASAP .___.

E3 is almost here. Fallout 4 is, safe to say, likely going to show. I said this before due to Bethesda reserving a spot on the stage this year. They wouldn’t do that if they weren’t planning to show us something special. Everyone thinks Bethesda is on a swap release pattern with Elder Scrolls and Fallout (that doesn’t count games they only published, not developed. IE, New Vegas and ESO). But really the only pattern they have is that they release a new Elder Scrolls every four or five years. Which means we’re just as likely to have a new Elder Scrolls announced this show.

However, I also feel that they’re thinking as a publisher as well. And as a publisher, they’ve just released an Elder Scrolls game. Maybe it hasn’t done so well (how many Pay To Play MMOs do?) but from a business standpoint, releasing a new Elder Scrolls would take away players of the MMO which would make it do worse. So the MMO would have to already be doing so bad that it’s better just to release a game that makes everyone forget about it. Which I can’t tell you, I haven’t followed ESO since its release (I had a ton of fun with the beta) so has it done that bad? I’m asking you guys, I don’t know and am only speculating haha

Anyways, Bethesda having a show this year is NOT what has confirmed Fallout for us. This is: http://fallout.bethsoft.com/

Sure, could be another hoax site, getting us excited for Fallout and then no Fallout. The big seller here is “The Fine Print” at the bottom. It’s kinda like Bethesda saying “all you people who fell for all the hoax sites before, here’s proof that you’re not being duped this time”.

So yeah. We have that to look forward to. Halo 5: Guardians will obviously show, and obviously I’ll be excited about that. I really want Sony to give me a new reason to want a PS4. They really need to make up for the cancellation of Silent Hills. Nintendo will come through on its traditional franchises as always.

Once again, as I say every year, my biggest wish is new IPs. Last year gave us some good ones so I’m excited to see what crops up this year.