Just in time for Halloween is a brand spanking NEW comic. Can’t let those drawing skills get rusty, especially considering I’m not even good at drawing WHEN I’m doing it regularly. But mainly I just wanted to do something nice for you guys since it’s a fun holiday and I’ve gotten a lot of support during this hiatus thing.

My progress with the site is pretty great. I’m able to put a couple hours a week into it. Development in my free time is turning into a positive for my career, as I was actually able to create something for my own site that is going to save my work a ton of time on their sites, so hurrah for professional productivity.

One of the cool things I’ve developed for the new site will be a more advanced search engine, so you’ll be able to go back and find favorite comics a lot easier. I feel this is a feature a lot of web-comics don’t have, so I’m excited to bring this to you guys. This feature is currently working on the dev site! I’m now working on a more advanced character section, with better bios covering more of the characters in the story, outside of the Hatchet, which I know is a something that’s been requested.

One of the cool features with the search engine is you’ll be able to actually narrow comics down to only ones with a specific character. So on every character’s bio, you’ll be able to click a link that will take you to the search page with all of that character’s comics pulled up. It’s pretty neat!

Outside of the site build, I’ve been getting out more here in San Diego and making a lot of new friends. If you follow my instagram or facebook, you’ll see I joined a cosplay group that does a ton of charity work with children’s hospitals, disability groups, suicide prevention, etc. Being a part of it has given me a new excitement for life I haven’t felt in a while and I’m living every day for those adventures.


Stuff like this makes it all worth it. I mean, he thought I was a Transformer but still.

That’s all for now. I will try to keep updates more frequent.