A year ago today, I began this series, back when it was still called “Our Average High School Lives”. I’ve had so much fun doing this. I’ve met some awesome people and been a part of an epic part of our internet culture!

A couple personal thanks have to go out that I couldn’t get into the comic itself due to wordy issues. First off, my elementary school teacher Mrs. Devaurs who tolerated my constant doodling during lectures, which eventually led to the creation of these characters. You can blame her for all of this.

As well, my high school journalism instructor, Mrs. Rich, who not only was the one who got me doing comic strips in the newspaper, but also provided me with the programs I’m using today to create them. You can blame her for them too!

In fact, I’ll provide you guys their home addresses and phone numbers if necessary. Hahhahahahahah just kidding… or am I? No. I am. Seriously. I think that’s illegal.

A special thanks to my germinating facebook, twitter, and deviantart communities! You guys are awesome! Another thanks to Halo Waypoint, The Doug and Jon Show, and Comic Book and Movie Reviews for all the features and support!!

Stay tuned everyone! The best is yet to come!