So I was a bit disappointed that Wreck-It Ralph only made it into Kingdom Hearts 3 as a summons spell. I mean the games got some awesome worlds lined up. And while I’m not a fan of Frozen, I guess it made sense for it to be a main world as Ella can tie into the whole “Princesses of Heart” storyline. Still, I mostly wanted Wreck-It Ralph in entirely for this one cheeky little joke they could have made. But as it is, I guess it’ll do as a comic gag.

So if you are a Comic Chameleon reader and are wondering why you can’t read any of the comics, it’s because I was doing some migration to a new host and my url was changed from a HTTP to an HTTPS. Meaning the url changed by like, one letter lol

I am going through the comics to add that S. All 840 of them. Fun.