Random callback to the Reaver story arc haha John is filling in for Ashlee cause she’s still sad.

Okay so I’m going to call this now. I’ve called it a couple times before but I’m gonna call it now officially right here. In a comic I did a while ago about the ambiguity of the newest Halo’s name, which can be read HERE, I talked about how it’s probably not Halo 2 Anniversary. But in Wednesday’s blog post I brought it up again how at this point there’s no reason there shouldn’t be more info on the game by now. Now rumors are starting to surface that it probably is Halo 2’s re-release.

Honestly, that explains it to me. They weren’t going to go to E3 and show a trailer for a remake and be like “YEAH OUR FIRST GAME ON THE NEWEST XBOX IS A RE-SKINNED GAME THAT’S TWO GENERATIONS OLD WHO’S EXCITED!?!?” It would mean their trailer was meant to represent Halo as a franchise being on Xbox One. This makes sense to me. It’s a better marketing alternative to what I just mock-quoted.

Also, the timing makes sense.┬áThink about this. At E3 2011, they showed both an official announcement trailer for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary that would come out later that year AND Halo 4 that would come out the following year. That means this year at E3 2014, they can do the same. Give us a real glimpse at Halo 5 which we can expect in 2015, as well as a look at Halo 2’s remake set to release this year.

If this isn’t what’s happening, I’m going to be either baffled or impressed at their actual reasons for being so ambiguous about the game. However, if it is what they are doing, then I’m certain we won’t actually know for sure until E3. So yeah. Just wanted to lay that all out. I won’t be disappointed either way.

Personally I felt Halo 1 AND 2 should have been bundled together in a single re-release. But that would mean less $$$ for Microsoft.