So I was very conflicted about this ending. On one hand, if I were to continue telling this sub-plot about Adam and the football team, I’ve actually already charted out how their season will go. Every game they’ll win and lose. And part of that was starting their season off to a rough start. I like the idea of everyone in the school telling them they suck, despite unfair circumstances such as things like this.

Anyways. Starting the team off to a rough start builds for a better story later down the line when they take on teams they have a much more aggressive rivalry with, such as Sierra high.

On the other hand, I really didn’t want you guys to feel like all the suggestions were for nothing. Implementing that was entirely because I wanted this story arc to be exciting. I’m someone who likes football and not even I liked the idea of this just being a typical high school sports event.

So I apologize if this isn’t exactly what we were expecting for the conclusion to the first football game of the season. Like I said, if I am to continue these, I’ve already decided how their year is going to play out, and in the long run I think that’ll pay off.