I did a comic back during E3 after Master Chief Collection was announced. At the time, I didn’t realize that adding more games to the Master Chief Collection was in fact a possibility. Turns out it totally is, and to calm the storm that enraged after the MCC’s multiplayer launch, everyone who had the game prior to December 19th gets it for free.

Noble Six and John Forge may be getting left out, but the Rookie is off to enjoy join Master Chief and Arbiter. And I’m excited, ODST is just a hairs length from being my favorite Halo, beaten only by Halo 2. When it first came out, everyone talked shit on it like it was dumb. But time weeds out the shit-sayers. The fandom recognizes how awesome ODST was and requested it be added to the game, and so 343 is granting the request in hopes that everyone forgets the launch problems and promises to still buy Halo 5 haha

Sadly Firefight is not getting added, but I think the fandom can get the tides turned on that front. Firefight is an essential. It was missed in Halo 4. The one thing I’ve come to love about the Master Chief Collection is that it’s almost the complete Halo experience. The entire original trilogy campaign, Halo 4 for those who wish to see the story continue, and all multiplayer modes. The only way to complete this is to add ODST with Firefight. Even if every Halo from this point forward was disappointing, I’d be able to look at the MCC and say “this captured all the magic, this took every single game over the course of 14 years and made it one epic experience.”

ODST with Firefight is really what will complete that experience. Halo Wars and Reach would be fun, of course, but I don’t think they added to the franchise on the same level ODST did. Sorry Noble Six and Sarge, your time to be loved again is just not yet here. Not yet.