So there weren’t as many cool announcements during this year’s press conferences as there were last year. To be fair, last year was a tough one to top. But Microsoft wasn’t playing around this time. They had a very game centered presentation and I enjoyed it as much as the other ones. Whether or not the games they showed off were any good is a matter of opinion haha (I’m stoked for Sunset Overdrive though, like hella.)

But, as if any of you needed this to be indicated, I was very excited to see that “The Master Chief Collection” was confirmed. I mean, it was all but that prior to E3 (think about it, the game leaks the literal day of some other big Halo news, and then a week or so later Frank O’Connor rants about how people who leak information about projects ahead of time suck.) But having a snazzy trailer and more details about the game really made it something to be excited about.

Firstly, the theme of the comic. The game ONLY includes titles starring Microsoft’s poster boy. Hence the name. That’s what the name means. Cause he’s Master Chief and it’s his collection. So no ODST, Reach or Halo Wars.

The collection as it is has a lot going for it, and it wasn’t even going to be that. It was originally just going to be Halo 2 Anniversary until someone in the company was like “hey guys LETS DO A THING” and then they did a thing and we ended up with four remastered games for a $60 price tag.

I don’t know the specs, maybe it would have been WAY too much to have the saga in its entirety in one game, or perhaps it wouldn’t have been as financially flexible as just the four numbered titles. Maybe ODST and Reach can be DLC? (not likely). But 343 has a theme going. They have been redeveloping Chief as a character and taking some interesting twists with it. This game is a celebration of who the Master Chief is. And it’s going to be freaking sweet.

Not to mention being able to play the multiplayers of every single game on their original engines which means HALO 1 ONLINE MULTIPLAYER LIKE THAT SOLD THIS GAME ON ITS OWN HOLY SHIT