Soooooo I had some database issues and my site went down this morning. Luckily it was an easy fix as there was a backup saved but the backup was from the 24th, meaning the Heat Death comic I uploaded last night was lost as well as its comments. But it also solved an issue with the site running kinda slow so hopefully that has been taken care of.

I will try my best to recreate the blog post I had with Heat Death haha

Basically, Gears of War is one of the most ridiculous video game franchises. Every game (as well as the extended universe novels) details them coming up with some sort of insane strategy for defeating the locust horde that puts humanity at extreme risk, usually pushing them to extinction faster than any locust attack ever did. Whether it blowing up the inner crust of the earth or very last safe city, it seems like humanity is kinda suicidal in these games haha

But despite how ridiculous they are, there’s a charm to their stupidity. I enjoy Gears games. Its not just because they’re pretty damn awesome shooters. I just enjoy them. I enjoy the stupid characters and the stupid story lines. Its childish and, despite the intense amount of gore, kinda innocent. Who the [FRONK] doesn’t love Cole Train!? Cole Train is the shit.

They’re sorta like the first Transformers movie. I acknowledge that that film is as dumb as every sequel that followed, but damn it the first one is just so good. So fun to watch. I will never willingly watch the sequels, but pop in the first movie and I’ll watch the whole damn thing. That’s how I feel about every game in the Gears of War saga.