AND end story arc.

So I mentioned in an update a few weeks ago that we’ll be switching to a once a week schedule again. I want to go full steam on finishing the new website right now. And I had jury duty thrown into my life once again so I will be doing that for a time, while also trying to keep productive in my day job. So things are a little hectic right now but I am determined to get some of my other projects done so I can get back to feeling comfortable posting more. So this coming Friday expect some filler art and then the next comic will post next Friday

So to do an after story arc recap on my ideas for this one:

This was actually the story arc I had planned sometime mid last year. I shelved it when I realized the timing was better for my election story arc idea. As soon as that was done and I was ready to begin planning the next one, I pulled this one off the shelf and worked with it a little more.

At first there were going to be some references to the real world, showing the characters playing the games on their couches. However keeping them grounded in the video game worlds seemed a better theme. There was a period of time when back in 2013-14 where a lot of the comics where actually just one off gags set in the world of whatever video game Austin and Bryan were playing. With the direction of the comic taking a focus on the story telling, I have wondered where those older comics fit into the world of the comic. I’ve made the decision that that’s merely how Austin perceives his surroundings while he is gaming.

Its no secret that Ashlee was going to end up a terror in the MMO world. When I was drawing some filler art testing out Art Update 3.0, one of those filler arts was of her as the evil Matriarch.

The question was how Ashlee ended up in that position of power. And when I actually started this draft, it was originally the plan to have her end up in the guild by accident, merely rising to power casually but becoming more and more corrupt the higher up she went. As of now, she’s the most powerful player in the game and also the most evil. And maybe that summary of how she rose to power is still true, there’s certainly nothing to dispute it.

But I decided not to make this story arc an origin. I figured since some of you might have remembered I’ve made concept art of Ashlee as the matriarch, you would know from the start of the story arc that that’s where this was heading. Having it turn out that she was already the matriarch, merely trying to sneak back into power after a coup, was a fun way to making it a twist whether you knew she was destined for that role or not. However Ashlee became the Matriarch is irrelevant. She has enemies intent on keeping her from holding that position, and I’ve left that story open to eventually tie into bigger better adventures down the line!

Also the Shrek Souls comics. I pretty much just wanted to make Shrek Souls a canon video game in Austin’s Inferno because that’s pretty much the only reason I’m here.