I’m back from the dead.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. A lot of strange personal stuff as well as a lot of overtime at work to get a project good to go. I meant to try to get an Anvil Station Stories post finished but fell behind on that too. So I figured to hell with it, let’s just get that new story arc started.

I want to see how the gang fares attempting to get tickets to Comic-Con. Possibly based on a true story.

For the time being, the comic posts may not be on any set schedule and I’ll just be posting them as I make them. I promised myself years ago that I’d never do this to my comic, that I’d always post on a set schedule and never miss any posts without at least a heads-up, and that I’d only ever increase how much I posted instead of decrease. But I guess it’s not the first time I turned out to be a massive disappoint, so I guess I’m still being consistent. Yay.

This story arc is roughly 12 pages in length. May be adding a few pages to it.