It’s been a while since an update, and a LOT has happened between now and then.

First, the Star Wars thing I mentioned I might do, I TOTALLY DID IT. Just one more page to finish and it’s completed. I was planning to start posting this sometime next week so that it finished the day before Rise of Skywalker, but I decided to do it early!! There will be one page per day for the next eight days.

Second, significant website progress has also been made! Basically all the development (so coding and whatnot) is completed. To give a brief history of this website’s development, I was originally building the site on the theme this website is currently on. I was almost done with it until I gained access to a theme that offered me more flexibility as a developer, and so I made the hard decision of scrapping the whole thing and starting over. BUT it wasn’t so bad, because most the major heavy lifting I had done in the first go round was easily copied over and patched into the new theme with little revision necessary.

So, at this stage, the next step is basically creating the graphics. Once I finish up this Star Wars arc, I can focus on them full time. In no time at all. After that, the process of setting the new site live begins, which will be a whole project in and of itself, and there may be a period of time where I have an “under construction” splash page up. I am projecting to start that process around March.

Third, I also decided on the story arc that we will kick off the new website with. I’ve already started writing the script, and I’m excited for it.