So I go far more into detail about this in my review of Halo 5 here. It’s spoiler free as far as the story goes but I do still share how I felt about it overall.

While Halo 5’s campaign is fun, it suffers from an identity crisis in which all emotion and development of the plotline revolves around the Master Chief, but they force you to follow it from the perspective of Fireteam Osiris, which just hurts the delivery overall. Only 3 of the 15 campaign missions are from Blue Team’s perspective, and those are pretty much the best levels in the game.

Osiris would have been more fun in a spin-off, a la ODST or Reach. The decision to have them overshadow the characters the story clearly cared more about did no favor to either groups because it didn’t give proper coverage to Blue Team – who certainly deserved it being as this was their first in game appearance – and it just made most fans resentful of Osiris and didn’t allow for them to be given a proper chance.