Haven’t talked about Halo for a while and I know how you guys just LOVE hearing me talk about Halo so I’m gonna do that now.

At E3 I’m hoping they announce Spartan Ops Season 2. I don’t think they need to put out anything else just cause they need to avoid becoming a game-a-year franchise like Call of Doody or Ass-Ass-in’s Creed. A big DLC campaign like Spartan Ops sounds perfect.

There are rumors about Halo 5 or Halo 2 HD remake. I’m not big on the Halo 2 remake, because though that was my favorite game in the franchise I just don’t feel like it needs to be remade (though we all know I’ll still get it if it’s made. Don’t judge me.)

As for Halo 5, Halo 4 took three years to develop. They’re smarter than trying to follow up a game that took three years to develop with something they would release later this year or sometime next. They should take their time on it. Halo 4 still has plenty of life.