SO this cool new web-comics iPhone app will be launching soon. It allows you to read the comics panel by panel as opposed to simply clicking one comic to another and having to scroll all over the page to read it.

As soon as they are certain their servers can handle running their starting line-up, they will be picking submitted comics to run with their app. I went ahead and submitted mine, figure I have nothing to lose and even still, I think this is something worthy of promoting.

But if you want to help me out (and if you are here reading my webcomic on my site, then you want to help me out haha) follow this LINK and do what you can! Using either Twitter or Google Plus, you can request my comic be used in their app.

My comic was submitted as “Austin’s Inferno” so be sure that that’s what you put in place of “Comic X”. Not DairyBoy Comics haha