Just in case you guys ever wanted an idea of what Gas Mask and Sunny look like in real life.

So here’s the update on the site’s development. Bad news first, WordPress 5.0 just released and it’s a massive update that is essentially busting up a lot of websites. I will need to spend some time applying the new update and make sure all the things I’ve developed still function correctly.

Good news, I have decided to cut some of the content I intended to have at launch in order to speed up the launch date. That content will still eventually be on the site, just will need to be added at a different time. I realize as I type this that I am essentially EAing my own gah-damn website. Shit.

To no surprise, the site launch date won’t be New Years. But primarily, all we are missing now is to create all the graphics for the new site, so we are honestly almost there!

But I believe I promised, either you guys or myself, that if things weren’t quite ready by New Years, we’d get some comic content going! And that I shall. I’ve got a story arc completely written, roughly 12 pages in length. So I’m going to take some time to create this for you guys. It’s nothing quite on the same scope that Thunder Moo was on, but it’s a silly little short story I enjoyed writing.

I’m not sure how many people have stuck around, as comics going into hiatus can be an annoyance. But I’m thankful for you regardless. I hope everyone is enjoying their December.

Sorry about the Gas Mask and Sunny image.