So I’m pretty hyped about all the Halo news recently. Reach (Firefight included) coming to the Master Chief Collection alone is exciting, but the entire franchise going to PC is huge. I think it’ll breathe new life into the franchise and introduce it to gamers who have only ever dabbled, or haven’t played Halo at all. At this point, the MCC is the pinnacle Halo experience and it’s awesome that more people will be able to play it.

Now, I would say that MCC is good and all mistakes of the past have been corrected. But I do like to think of other cool ways the game could expand. I think my MCC wishlist looks like this:

  • Halo 3 ODST Firefight
  • Blur cutscenes for Halo 3, ODST and Reach
  • Fixed armor customization

At that point, I feel like the MCC would be the most completed Halo experience possible, and everything they plan to add after that is extra. Again, I feel they have far more than corrected the mistakes of the past, so that they are still going all out to keep this game new and exciting and worth coming back to is giving me hopes for my favorite franchise again.

Now if only they’d implement a fix for Halo 5’s garbage story. In the form of retconning the entire thing lol