So all cards are on the table from the looks of it, so there’s no reason neither Sony nor Microsoft should hold back come E3.

Sadly I can’t say I’m too thrilled with how the Xbox reveal went. The new name of the Xbox is lame. They spent more time talking about TV than they did video games. And hey its all cool tech and I can’t see why we can’t wait until E3 to see the games that will be on it, since E3 is only around 19 days away.

I’m just a little afraid of who they think they’re marketing it to. I’m fairly positive the PS3 was marketed as an all-in-one entertainment system, and I’m fairly positive it didn’t do too well since they thought a high price tag was justifiable. If Microsoft wants to sell an all-in-one entertainment system, that’s fine by me, but it better have a price tag people actually want to pay for.

All that set aside, it was a video game console reveal that barely talked about video games. That disappointed me, but again, with E3 right around the corner maybe they wanted to hit everyone with everything they’ve got all at once. I guess we’ll find out.

…that name is still stupid.

(And yes I am very excited for the new Halo TV series. I just hope that it gets an appropriate budget.)