So I loved this movie and am excited for the DVD release in about a month.

I had come up with a crazy fan fiction idea for a sequel where the gang somehow ends up running through an internet connection. Through this they end up lost in console games.

In this scenario, the console characters, unlike their older arcade counterparts, have yet to realize that they are only parts of a video game. Meeting outsiders brings this revelation to characters such as Master Chief, Commander Sheppard and so on, leading to them having breakdowns similar to that of Buzz Lightyear finding out he’s a toy. (THE HAT! DO YOU SEE THE HAT!?)

But the problems get worse. The bad guys in these games are unlike the ones from the arcade. They were given very¬†in depth¬†programming due to the focus in the story that most console games have. Unlike Ralph and his “bad guy” friends such as Bowser and Dr. Eggman, the villains of these console titles are very much as evil as they appear in their games. And upon discovering they are nothing more than programming within a video game, some of these baddies unite and set off to achieve their programmed goals through different means, by which I mean taking control of the internet and not only conquering all game worlds, but the real world that created them.

With Cloud in a drunken stupor and Sheppard flipping out after realizing why he changes gender so often, and Master Chief depressed because he really doesn’t have a face, none of these villains can be taken down by their opposites. Ralph and the gang must now stop all these bad guys before their world, and ours, come crashing to an end.