My high school councilor always wanted me to take honors and AP classes, to which I took a few. I’m not saying this to brag, because every time I did I had the worst grade. I could have pulled it off, honestly. I had plenty of friends who were in those classes with me and did sports and/or FFA, both very time consuming as you can imagine. They did fine. They did great.

My problem was I’d get home feeling exhausted and would have all this homework to do but wouldn’t wanna do any of it. So I’d put it off, find someone to copy off of if possible, and spend that night playing video games or making comics. I did a lot of comic drawing back in the days. Austin’s earlier adventures were horribly drawn but there are a lot of them, to which I’m NEVER SHOWING TO ANYONE NOT EVEN MY BEST FRIENDS NOT EVEN MY GIRLFRIEND NOT EVEN SPONGEBOB. A lot of people would say I chose how to spend that time poorly, but I’d like to think it’s why I’m doing this web-comic now. So maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to cut back on homework haha

Anyways, high school is the last place you’ll be able to piss off an assignment but then still pull off a good grade at the end of the year so do it there as much as possible and spend your extra time actually enjoying yourself, mmmkay? Okay you miiiiiiiiiiiight be able to do that in college too. Depends. Just assume that high school is the last place though.

I’m playing the Elder Scrolls Online Beta right now. I’ve got a slow to respond screen, it’s a little annoying. Dunno if its my internet connection or my computer or what, but it’s not a game breaker. It plays much like a good balance between a traditional MMO and good ol’ Elder Scrolls. I’m enjoying the plot. I’m disappointed, not in the game but in the fact that I’d have to pay $15 a month for it. I wish this game well but pay to play is just not for me.