Sorry it took me a little later to get this comic uploaded. Yesterday I found a litter of puppies abandoned on our farm.


10633714_10152907804424253_969452891508038352_oFor starters, I hate people that would do this to them. I almost didn’t take my dogs for a walk yesterday, and had I not, I wouldn’t have found these guys and they’d have stayed out in the rain all night. They would surely have gotten sick and died. But the important thing is that their safe and going to homes. I’ve got three lined up for a home as of now, and still need homes for the last three males. If you’re in the Fresno area and looking to give these puppies a second shot at a better life, please email me and get in contact.

Anyways, yeah that’s why it took all of yesterday and this morning to finish the comic that was supposed to go up last night. It turns out that taking care of a litter of puppies and making comics do not mix well for productivity.

So yeah, no comic tomorrow. I’m attending the Hobbit premiere so I won’t be able to do one today. Comic making resumes Wednesday.