So I’ve been doing this on every comic since February of this year, but I decided to go back into the archive and do the same for every comic I’ve done so far. If you haven’t already noticed, each comic now has hovertext. Just move the cursor over the comic and wait half a second and you will be rewarded with additional humor, commentary or just an irrelevant statement. I like how XKCD does this, and I figured I’d utilize this as well since comicpress grants me the option to do so. So yeah, you should maybe click that first button and go through the archive again? Huh? Huhhhhh? Do it.

The Halo Champions bundle is out now. My favorite part is probably the Grifball armor pieces, those are pretty tight. I tried the bundle out back at Comic-Con at the Xbox Lounge. Also the Mark V helmet from Hal0 1 returns, to everyone’s excitement I imagine. Whether or not this will return to Caboose in the newest Red vs. Blue season, only time will tell.