The “Flood” gametype has me pretty excited. I’m always excited about playing as a new character type in Halo. I was a giddy little kid on cloud nine when I first became the Arbiter, and changing up multiplayer maps as a monitor in Halo 3 was also a big deal for me! And like the comic states, playing as a Flood in this game mode has been requested since Halo 2, and now we can finally do it!!

I just want to say that for the record, I called the concept of flood spartans a year ago with this comic: FAN FICTION

I hope Rooster Teeth utilizes this like they did the Monitor and Elites in RvB storylines. Maybe do a season about a flood apocalypse or something haha

Another cool gametype to get a redo is Grifball. Instead of just being a variant of the Assault gametype, Grifball will be its own mode with its own controls such as being able to pass the ball. As well, using the energy sword on the ball carrier will steal the ball from him. This will completely change up the video game sport and make for an epic experience haha