So this story arc has maybe two weeks of updates left after this week until it concludes, so I’ll give an update on what’s next once this is completed.

I am regretfully switching back to the every Friday post schedule. Unlike last time, which was induced more so by stress and me adjusting to a new job, this time it’s because I really REALLY want to focus on getting the new website made, and a big part of that requires also updating the older comics to read better. This was something I wanted done before the new year but my focused shifted to completing the election story arc, which was necessary since I couldn’t exactly do that story arc after the election was over and people were sick of hearing about it.

I will be starting my second web-comic in the mean time as well. My cosplay themed blog comic will post its first update this weekend and then hopefully a new one at the end of the month.

And once the new website is made, we will also have a new comic series I have planned to follow up after that.

So I see this more as a small sacrifice for a lot of awesome projects. I hate cutting back but I feel motivated to get my new website rolling so the sooner I have that done, the sooner we can launch a new story arc!