I’ve been a fan of the survival horror genre since about the 8th grade when a friend of mine, the same one who joined me in a quest to locate all four original Silent Hill games last week, introduced me to that very franchise.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I actually acquired a Silent Hill game and beat it. It made me a huge fan of survival horror. I’m not actually too crazy about Resident Evil, and I feel that Deadspace could have had a better plot. The first few Silent Hills, hands down, are my favorite.

But I’ve found that if a developer really wants to make us shit our pants, they must take away something most survival horror gamers take for granted: weapons.

Take this indie title for example. It may be downloaded HERE.

The game is called Slender. It’s based on the popular creepy pasta character Slenderman. Easy objective: locate 8 pages in this fenced off park. However, you’re being followed. You have no weapon. Your only defense is to run. It’s pretty damn epic.

As a survival horror fan, I can really feel a difference between night and day when comparing the fear between a game where you have a weapon and a game where you do not.