I can’t tell if these two are being sarcastic or not…

Anyways, here’s the vidoc:

So in complete fairness, anyone making the “Halo-Destiny” comparison are really trying to make them similar. They are pretty different. My first thought on Destiny was “Star Wars meets Fallout”. Later the Halo similarity comparison was pointed out which made me laugh a bit. But then sci-fis are super popular, and I wouldn’t imagine it easy for them to be working in one universe for 10 years and then suddenly make something within the same genre that’s doesn’t have one or two similarities.

It seems that, as far as the Halo fans go, you’re either a Bungie loyalist and are truly excited for their next universe, or you’re still bitter about Halo: Reach and don’t care for their next game.

Until there’s more to see about this game, I won’t make any further statements. Most of you know I didn’t like Reach very much, but I also know that none of the creative developers of Halo 1-ODST were on the team that made Reach, so I don’t see that problem repeating.

As I do with all new games, I give the developer complete faith until they show me otherwise. And Bungie already gave me a universe that I’ve invested so many years of fun into. For that, they have my support.

Other than this one comic, but that’s cause I’m a smart ass. Huh-yuck.