Taking splitscreen co-op out of Halo was seriously a shocker. Co-oping the series with my brothers has been a staple of my enjoyment of the series. None of them have Xbox Ones so we have no way of playing the game together unless one of them go out and buy a console. Which isn’t going to happen, not just for a single playthrough of Halo 5 together.

At Comic-Con, Frankie was asked why they made the decision to cut out a feature that qualifies as “gameplay” in exchange for the frame rate. Frankie’s response was something along the lines of frame rate being an important part of gameplay. I agree to a certain extent, but I don’t think being able to play at 60 fps outweighs being able to play together.

It’s not the end of the world to me. Not being able to play the new Halo with my brothers is a disappointment, but most my co-oping of this game was going to be done online anyways.

I’m gonna take a guess that the reason frame rate outweighed splitscreen co-op is because Microsoft, after all the flak they received a few years ago for NOT running at 60 fps, is making that a priority. So when the developers found that when the campaign is running in splitscreen, it can’t run at 60 fps, someone up top said to scrap the splitscreen. It’s just an added bonus for them that now co-oping the game requires buying another system. I don’t believe Microsoft goes out of its way to create those situations, but it certainly makes them look bad when they happen.