Just a reminder on what happened LAST TIME Austin got a cell phone, and what that meant for the Spartan men and women at 343 Industries.

I’m ever so crudely trying to be topical while also continuing the story line. Maybe I’ll get better at it with more practice. Also, yay Tori. The set up of the story arc (Austin and Bryan training while Miranda gets her app) was very focused on just a few characters, so now we’ll get to actually see everyone else since the launch of Art Update 2.0.

And yeah another Halo top-down was announced. The story line ties into Halo 2 and branches into the timeline before Halo 5, as 343 tends to use their various media to cross promote and whatnot. I like when they do that. I imagine its annoying for the casual Halo fans who don’t read the books or comics, particularly with stuff like why the Covenant was still around in Halo 4. Sure I knew why the Covenant was still around in Halo 4. But Joe Doesn’t-Read-Halo-Books down the street, he’s got no clue what’s going on. Or why I’m in his house stealing toilet paper. But yeah as a much heavier follower of the series, I find immersing in the various Halo media and enjoying those connections to be quite rewarding.

And Joe I’m-Rich-And-Buy-Toilet-Paper-From-The-Same-Place-God-Shops, well [FRONK] that guy and his expensive yet heavenly soothing toilet paper rolls.

Here’s the trailer for Halo: Spartan Strike.