Honestly, if there were a soap opera set in the Halo universe, I’d watch it…

As for “Spartan Ops”, if you haven’t heard yet, it’s a new game mode they’re using to keep Halo online players coming back for more than just the regular PvP matches. I think it’s replacing Firefight, though I haven’t heard any real confirmation of that.

And as my comic stated, it really is designed to be like weekly episodes of a TV show. Each furthers the plot and has its own characters to develop. They did this to encourage more online play amongst the story-loving fans. I’m glad to see 343i is appealing to all their fans, especially those that are in love with the universe, and not just those that just do the multiplayer. As a fan of all things Halo, I like the idea of all aspects of the game coinciding.

But then, I also had no problem with the campaign and multiplayer having nothing to do with each other, as long as one didn’t over-shadow the other, as the multiplayer did to Reach’s campaign. Blehhh.