So today is the first day since being back from San Diego Comic Con. My bus home didn’t get back until way late and the guest comic didn’t work out so unfortunately I’m getting content for today up pretty late. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the pictures I took over the week.

It was a very Halo themed convention for me (naturally). I did a Master Chef cosplay that was received surprisingly well. I got to meet and take pictures with a few of the developers from 343 Industries which was awesome. I also met the 405th Halo cosplay group who befriended me, and I spent the bulk of the con hanging out with them doing photoshoots and eating food! With them I also met and hung out with Nak3d Eli who is one of the coolest dudes ever. Ultimately I had the greatest time, far more than I anticipated having and I anticipated having a really great time.

Regular comics may now resume. I think the plan now that SDCC is out of the way is to start work on the next story arc so I’ll be writing up that script once I resettle back into my life haha