So it’s funny how things change from initial plans. The idea I had for this series back when I decided I wanted to do it in high school was radically different before I ever started it. One change was that initially Jacob was going to play more of the part Bryan has taken in the series. He was still going to play that rival role, but he was also going to be a more active part of Austin’s shenanigans. However, the dynamic of another gamer friend just made more sense and Bryan naturally took a more center role in the story with Jacob as an occasional friend/rival, playing whatever part the story would need of him.

And the LotLH? Pretty much the polar opposite of the part they’re playing now. But I can’t really go into that without spoiling information about them hehe

So my point to this is that, as much as the story has changed from the different ideas I initially had, there were things that remained constant. Tony was always going to be a boy genius, for example (though he was also going to be equally into the paranormal. Right now he’s comparable to say, Dexter from Dexter’s Lab. But the original idea was more inspired by Dib from Invader Zim).

One constant that I never changed but got distracted from was that Alberto was meant to be a kind of mentor friend to Austin. I’ve gotten so into the cool action stories or the video game stuff, but Alberto’s mentor friend part works out best in the Hatchet themed story arcs, which I have gotten distracted from. SO that was a cool thing I got to do with this story arc, was really bring that into the plot line like I always wanted.