The conclusion of the secret girlfriend reveal story arc really seemed to branch off into the bizarre with that whole Gas Mask and Sunny thing, and then focused on Tony and the addition of his new opponents. I don’t think I ever really showed how Austin was handling that, so I figured I’d do a follow up. To make a long story short, he isn’t handling it.

Onto other matters. Next week starting Monday I’m gonna launch a little something that’s really just for fun. I’ve integrated it into the world of my comics but it didn’t need to be, I just did so to justify posting it under the name “Austin’s Inferno”. It’ll only take up two weeks, then after it expect the art update when I hit my 200th comic.

The timing isn’t the best. My 200th comic will be posting a day before I leave to WonderCon, so that’s a lot of work to hustle and get done before then. I’m going to give it my best, for sure, but if all doesn’t work I’ll get something random to post that Wednesday and Friday (and possibly Monday) and then have the 200th comic go up the Wednesday after WonderCon.

I don’t have a booth, but I am attending as a Professional. Got a badge and everything. Wooopieee.