So a new Halo game was announced, “Halo: Spartan Assault.” You can check out the trailer HERE.

Of course there are a ton of fans yelling out “THEY’RE MILKING IT” as if that’s some sort of newly discovered fact. I mean, new installments into a franchise that come frequently aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Marvel has had a new movie every year since Iron Man 2 I think. Is that milking it?

Maybe, but I don’t mind it. Because the Marvelverse rules. And are they milking Halo? Of course. I don’t care because I’ve enjoyed every single Halo (well, lets not get into Reach haha)

343i exists to create Halo products, and not just video games. To think they’re just going to go on standby for several years until a new numbered title is announced is a bit unrealistic. But fans will throw fits regardless, anything that stays relevant for ten years will always have those nay-sayers who constantly bring up the “good old days”, as if the original games are no longer accessible.

Anyways. Halo: SA is a portable game meant for Windows 8 tablets and phones. Seems like a fun arcade game but my problem is the whole Windows 8 thing haha maybe it’ll get an XBL arcade release soon. But I’ll get into my thoughts on it later. The current story arc concludes in the next update.