So I’ve finally launched the new story arc. Just a reminder, these will be running one a day until the arc is concluded. Most the arc is done right now, the last few pages will long be done before I’m at the point when they need to be finished. So due to how well this system worked out, I will likely utilize it with most story arcs. This could also help create a definite distinction between an “Episode” and the intermissions.

And today is the official four year anniversary so WOOOOOOT.

I’m particularly excited for this one, simply because I really wanted to kind of go back to that high school journalist thing. And it’s easy to get sidetracked from that when there’s so much larger scale things currently boiling behind the scenes that I’m slowly giving glimpses of. So this arc will hopefully develop the characters as high school journalists, as well as develop a Hatchet character I feel hasn’t gotten enough attention. So yeah, enjoy!