And so ends the Vader / Cash tribute! I’m compiling them together into a single long comic, I’ll be posting that soon! You might wonder why I made Anakin appear older as a force ghost even though in the official continuity, he appeared to Luke the age he was before he fell to the dark side. The main reason I’ve disliked Hayden’s appearance in Return of the Jedi was mostly because it feels so out of place. We have two aged and wizened old jedi masters and then a young whipper snapper there next to them.

When I watch the older version, I don’t just see Anakin free of the corruption of the dark side. I see an alternate reality. The Anakin the galaxy deserved but did not have. An older Anakin who would have been a powerful jedi, an inspirational leader, a loving husband and an amazing father. But when Anakin appears as the younger Hayden version, that feeling is entirely lost.

I’m a sucker for continuity so I don’t entirely disagree with his force ghost actually looking like the character from the prequels. So for the sake of my own head canon, I combined the two concepts. Its the Hayden version of Anakin, just appearing as he would have at that time had he never fell to the dark side.

So yeah, I know this was a bit different from what I normally post. Hope it was enjoyed!