So I mentioned a few weeks ago about how Kingdom Hearts III was not likely to have any sort of announcement at E3 concerning the third game. Obviously because they straight up told everyone in a trailer a few days beforehand for another one of KH’s HD remakes that we should expect announcements about III later this winter.


This game was announced back in 2013. Three years is the average production cycle for a game. They have shown off playable sections of this game before. So my question is, what the [FRONK] are they doing? What ball is being dropped so embarrassingly that the best they can muster after three years of working on this game is “we’re going to tell you guys something about it like, WAY later this year, at the end of the year.”

I love Kingdom Hearts. Was never a huge follower of Final Fantasy but I’ve enjoyed one or two of those titles. Square Enix however, is far from my favorite developer. They’re just so cluttered and they have no filter on some of their bad ideas. And the way they’ve handled KH3 is honestly another reason I’m less than thrilled with them. Like, take your time I guess, it’s your game. But I feel like I’m not crazy to start feeling skeptical about them when they’ve been working on the game longer than most games even take to be made and all they have is “yeah so if you hold on one more year, like we’ll tell you something about it. But we don’t have anything to show you right now. We have no way to prove we aren’t just doing drugs all day. Here’s people in fur suits.”