I can’t believe I made it this far. But I’m excited to have the art updated. I love the look of the new characters. It feels almost cinematic, as far as still 2D characters on a motionless comic go anyways. I wouldn’t call it Questionable Content status work, but I’m just glad to finally have my characters style utilizing the digital tools available to draw them. For the past few years, even though I was drawing them digitally, I was still drawing them the same way I did with pen and paper. Now each and every character requires at least four layers to properly draw.

While I’m integrating into this and getting use to it, most of the comics are going to be four panels, and will all likely take place in the Hatchet. I’m excited. Hope you guys like it!

(I also changed the font as I’m sure you noticed. I got tired of the stale font I’ve been using.)