Okay and with this comic, the Bacon-Taco Monster story arc is officially finished. I started this story arc on the last update of June. Not counting the guest update, the Comic-Con strip and the Spartan Talk strip, it’s 30 pages long. That’s 10 updates longer than the Reaver story arc, making this my longest one. It was pretty fun though. I enjoyed doing the whole build up where the monster was drawing people in with bacon tentacles, before it made any full appearance.

But yeah in the time this strip ran, there was Comic-Con, a Halo 4 GOTY announcement and plenty of fun stuff concerning the Xboner and Piss4, so I’m glad to be able to go back to making comics about video games for a while until I’m ready for the next story!

Speaking of Comic-Con, I finally got around to uploading all the pictures I took on Facebook. Check em out HERE.