I beat Kingdom Hearts 3! I thought it was fun, overall. A lot of people are upset it relied too heavily on the storyline of the side games, but if you think about it, that’s the only place Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to get it’s story from. Kingdom Hearts 2 wrapped up the story at that point pretty well. Birth By Sleep (and 358/2 Days if you are one of those weird people that liked Xion) gave us something to fight for by introducing characters in need of rescue. So naturally, KH3 played off of those storylines more than it did the KH1 and 2.

I would say my biggest criticism was it felt too easy. But they’ll patch in a critical mode at some point, I’m sure.

Maybe a few more Disney worlds in the form of DLC as well. I’ll take some more Pixar for sure. Maybe not the Incredibles since we already have a super hero themed world in this game, but how’s about some mf UP. Or some mf WALL-E. Or some mf A BUG’S GAH-DAMN LIFE??

As for stuff from Disney, maybe a return to Agrabah? Perhaps a visit back to Disney Castle, that plays off of Ducktales? In the least, a Coliseum mode in the Olympus world.

Anyways, just my wishlist. Even if all they add in is a Critical Mode (which is almost certain since the code for it is in the game, just locked away for whatever reason, maybe it’s not quite fine tuned yet) I’d still be pretty happy. It was a fun game.