The story arc is completely finished on my end! Beyond altering a few art hiccups and text edits and updating the little page number, the rest of the arc is geared to conclude. We’re gearing up on the climax now so fun stuff awaits.

I’ve actually got a few epilogue comics I’ve thought up and will probably do once the story arc is complete, we’ll worry about that when we get there haha

I’ve begun the first step of redoing the site, which is rewriting the earlier comics. I’m hoping they’ll read better and be a lot funnier.

As well, I’ve got TWO new comics that are also going to launch when website is finished. So I’m basically creating a whole boat load of new content to launch with the new site design. Obviously this is a lot of work to put together so it could be a few months from now. Maybe even up to a year? But I’m excited to finally be going forward with all of it.

I posted the first episode of one of the comics on my Facebook page. The other one is still on secret levels. More info on both of them eventually. Probably before Kingdom Hearts III is out. The joke being that Kingdom Hearts III will never be out. Tom Cruise will be out before KHIII is out.