In previous years I have always followed up my various con outings by sharing some photos from the events, and this year shall be no different! With my attempting a cosplay centered blog, I figured this would be the perfect place to continue that tradition!

Last weekend I was in awesome Anaheim CA for Wonder Con, but only one weekend before that I was down in Burbank CA for the Halo Championship Series! So we’ll start there with that adventure.

The HCS was held at the ESL headquarters in Burbank, and 343 Industries reached out to my cosplay friends in need of Halo costumers to attend the event! We made our way there to show off our costumes and watch some badasses remind me just how terrible at Halo I actually am! There were also lots of cool prizes and free food! Here’s some cool pictures from the weekend.

An exciting weekend, to be sure. My friend Ian of MilworX was also there showing off his decked out 343 Guilty Spark! Here’s a video of the beautiful creation in action!

While the upgraded light up and talking version of the replica is currently a personal project of his, you can purchase just the Guilty Spark replica itself from his website right now! Its my understand that at least the lighting will eventually be an upgrade you can get for the Spark, but even without those features, they are pretty damn awesome. I helped him build the V1 Spark back during Comic Con 2016.

The fateful corner of the Hyatt parking garage where the Monitor was born. Pictured are Ian (left) and Alec (right) doing magic stuff to create one of the parts.

Quite a learning experience! And like I said, he is selling them. You can own one. They are amazing. Also give him a like on Facebook!

One week after the HCS came Wonder Con! This was our cosplay group’s first run under our new group name, Anvil Station! The weekend was full of exciting new adventures and discoveries. Here are some shots from the event!

That’s all for this update, hope you enjoyed! Check back next friday for the next Austin’s Inferno update!