Destiny has completely derailed the story arc. Damn you Destiny. DAMN YOU.

Anyways, the multiplayer announcer. After years of playing Halo, I’ve gotten so used to an announcer that’s downright excited about literally everything you do. I mean the Halo multiplayer announcer talked up every cool thing that happened in each match. So the Destiny announcer is a big change. He doesn’t really compliment ANYTHING you do. If he does, maybe its cause I just suck and don’t ever hear the compliments. But I can tell you, every time I’m losing, he lets me know. Oh man, does he let me know. He’s so harsh about it, like “THIS ISN’T ACCEPTABLE” and I’m just like “dude chill I’m just playing a quick match before I go to work-” “THE CRUCIBLE IS NOT A GAME! COME BACK PREPARED NEXT TIME!” “God what the hell?”

One of my friends doesn’t particularly agree, and claims that this is a misinterpretation of the fact that the Destiny announcer is really REALLY British.