Austin Verburg






Austin Verburg- A taco-snacking, classroom-slacking sophomore in high school whose life revolves around video games, especially Halo.

Bryan Chow






Bryan Chow- A metal-head sophomore who is also an avid gamer. Enjoys playing Halo with Verburg but has a very wide degree of video game interests.

Jacob Freitas






Jacob Freitas- A freshman, yet talented athlete and starting center on the football team and Verburg’s rival. His father is the head coach.

Alberto Sandoval






Alberto Sandoval- The senior metal-head Editor-In-Chief of the Hatchet school newspaper. Also owns a guitar named Susie. Acts as a mediator between the class and Mrs. Rich.

Tony Maravilla






Tony Maravilla- Collected super genius sophomore who is very to himself. Likes to break the fourth wall because [FRONK] you.

Ashlee Sullivan






Ashlee Sullivan- A super optimistic yet easily upset sophomore cheerleader who is made fun of for being tall.

John Hills






John Hills- The cool-kid junior. Only member of the party who can drive. He lives for picking on Ashlee.

Tori Rich






Tori Rich- Sophomore daughter of Mrs. Rich, usually harmed by anything Verburg does whether she was involved or not.

Christian Coelho






Christian Coelho- A happy go-lucky freshman rocking the socks with sandals. Also an Anatidaephobic (Google it).

Denise Rich






Denise Rich- The journalism class teacher, Tori’s mother, and softball team coach. Spends much time trying to keep her newspaper class from doing anything too stupid.

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